Kettlebells (KG)

Kettlebells (KG)

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Kettlebells (KG)

4-6-8-12-16-20-24-28-32-36-40-44-48-52-56 kilos available

Full cast iron, wide flat bottom, no rubber piece that can fall off over time, low profile color coding, and non aggressive texture provide the best possible workout experience.


    • full cast iron
    • 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg, 36kg, 40kg, 44kg, 48kg, 52kg, 56kg
    • (9lb, 13lb, 18lb, 26lb, 35lb, 44lb, 53lb, 62lb, 70lb, 80lb, 88lb, 97lb, 106lb, 114lb, 123lb)
    • Wide flat bottom
    • Color coding
    • Commercial Quality
    • No rubber piece
    • Weight tolerance +/- 3%


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