sissy squat PL7389
sissy squat PL7389sissy squat PL7389sissy squat PL7389sissy squat PL7389

Sissy Squat PL7389

Sissy Squat PL7389

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Product Description

Sissy Squat PL7389

Strengthen your quadriceps and glutes with our sissy squat. Hold a weight for a greater burn and increased difficulty. The sissy squat is also great core strengthening, improve balance as well as to strengthen your knees and hips.

5 foot roller pin adjustments from 2″ to 6″

5 pad pin adjustments from 16″ to 20″

Heavy duty rubber foot plates, 11.5″ X 6 3/8″


  • Weight: 52lbs
  • 2″ X 3″ tubing, 11 gauge steel
  • Overall dimensions: 22.5″ L X 37″ W
  • Pad dimensions: 18″ X 7″
  • Roller dimensions: 7.5″ X 4.5″
  • weight capacity: 300lbs


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